Redefining real estate for modern times

Residential real estate has gone through a tremendous evolution over the last few decades.  Gone are the days of no Internet where consumers had to rely on their agents for everything.  Now, a wealth of information is available online, and roughly 92% of home buyers start their search there.  Even though many consumers handle more and more responsibilities in the transaction, agent compensation has remained the same.

Realizing the industry is ripe for change, Value Home Sales has created a model that centers around applying technology to the transaction, modernizing or eliminating old practices, and optimizing inefficiencies.  We identify areas that can be improved and improve them.  Some examples can be found in our online home tour scheduler, our team-based personnel structure, and our focus on high-end photography.  As these gains decrease costs or otherwise create value, we transfer it directly to the consumer.

Value Home Sales, LLC was formed in 2021 by Mel Gipson.  Mel is an Electrical Engineer who spent 20 years in the high-tech semiconductor industry.  Mel always had a passion for real estate and earned his broker’s license in 2021 after several successful years as an investor and agent.

Let us show you the value our landmark programs offer:

1% Seller Listing Fee

With traditional big brokerages, the commission paid by a Seller is typically 6%. 3% goes to the Listing Agent, and 3% goes to the Buyer’s Agent.  At Value Home Sales, our listing fee is only 1%. That brings the total commission down to 4%.* We also include industry-leading photography.

*Minimum Listing Fee is $2,500.

Buyer Rebate Program

In real estate transactions, the Seller typically offers the Buyer’s Agent 3% commission of the sales price.  Most big brokerages keep that fee.  With VHS, depending on the number of homes you tour, you could receive up to 50% of our commission back at closing.*

*Minimum Buyer’s Agent commission is $3,500.